Located in the UME Complex in trendy XinTianDi, Crystal Jade satisfied our Dim Sum craving.  It is just down the hall away from Din Tai Fang (or something like that) which had a really long wait but not much of a wait at Crystal Jade.  I was a bit worried at first as we tend to think the busier places are better, but we were completely happy with our choice.  Though, we were a bit disappointed that they didn’t have the traditional dim sum carts that I relate to real dim sum.  However, taste is always the real determinant and we enjoyed this meal.  We ordered Shu Mai, Lo Po Kow, steamed pork ribs, fried sweet buns filled w/pork, noodles w/roasted duck, chicken feet, and roasted pork and it was all yummy, especially the roasted pork.  The roasted pork is really crisy pork skin w/a thin layer of meat.  Not for those watching their weight or cholesterol but it was really good.  I give this place 4 out of 5 cookies.  The service was great, the food and the atmosphere. Plus, we didn’t have to wait long.  It’s not just a dim sum place, there’s much more you can order and we will, the next time we go.