Another restaurant on Dagu Rd.  This Malaysian restaurant gets 3 cookies out of 5.  I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have my favorite appetizer - Roti Canai.  Back in NYC, we often went to a restaurant called Nyona (part of the Penang Restaurants).  Roti Canai is a thin pan fried pancake that you dip into a chicken curry sauce - so yum so I was looking for it, but not there.  I can’t blame them for my expectations, but I really wanted some - oh well.  We ordered a malaysian noodle dish, a steamed fish, some spring rolls, some chicken, coconut rice, spicy greens and sweet and sour cuttle fish.  It was good, a bit spicy (I’m weak).  I’m going to have to try this restaurant again.  It was difficult w/Sam since she was a bit cranky and she wasn’t having any of the spicy food.