No… not something in Vegas, but a small chain of Taiwanese cafes in China. We went to the one in Gubei and I give this one 4 out of 5 cookies. I’m going to reserve my 5 for something absolutely amazing. Bellagio was really, really yummy… but not necessarily mind blowing. It’s one of those places you can find yourself going to over and over because it’s just good food, and comfortable. We went with a group of James’ guy friends so we had a lot of food. Let’s see, we had so much I can barely remember. The menu was quite extensive and they provide different menus in Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese and maybe some others - that makes it easy to order. I don’t know if the waitresses spoke English because the guys we were with all spoke Chinese. The restaurant itself was very clean and a good size, but like many other restaurants in China, there’s no separation from smoking and non-smoking. I didn’t really see any high chairs but I did see some kids - out much too late, but who am I to judge? We bring Samantha everywhere. But back to the food. We had an interesting cornstarch pancake thing - I forgot what was in it but it was good. Then we had green beans, kung pao chicken, sizzling pepper steak, and this chicken cartilage thing which isn’t for everyone, but I thought it was yum too. But, the standout part of dinner was dessert… they have a separate menu full of pictures. They are know for this 1ft high towering shave ice dessert w/red beans, tapioca balls, rice cakes, pineapple, etc. I wish I had a picture. We also had this peanut smoothie thing - it was like eating a reeses peanut butter cup w/o the chocolate.

Anyways, all I can say is that I would definitely eat there again, and I probably will. There are other cafes in XinTianDi and close to Plaza 66.

I do have to provide one caveat - we know the owner, she is one of James’ really good friends’ mom and he was with us so we did get exceptional service but we also noticed everyone else was getting great service so I doubt that changed anything. Just wanted to be open and honest. It’s a definite must try.