My baby turned 7!!! How is that even possible? I’ve been planning for this day for weeks… and boy am I glad it’s over!

So, the day started off with an excited little girl running down the stairs to find My Little Pony helium balloons tied to her brand new big girl bicycle! Next to that was a new scooter and a small gift - nail polish set. Guess what was her favorite present? The nail polish… haha. Samantha has been waiting years to paint her nails and every time, my answer was, not until you are 7, an arbitrary number I made up years ago but it seemed so far away then, and now here it was. So, of course, the first course of action was to paint her nails which made for a very happy little girl.


And of course, the day had to start off with a very special breakfast - furnished by Dunkin Donuts! The kids all beg for DD every time we drive by (and we drive by a lot in this town) so I figured she would love this, plus, I didn’t have time to bake cupcakes for her to take to Chinese class so muchkins saved the day!


But, we had much bigger things to take care of - the PARTY! What made me think having 22 6-7yo girls at a public skating rink for 2 hours was a good idea, I don’t know… but we did it.  Our town has a skating rink just 5 mins away from home and most of Sam’s friends can skate but it was still nerve racking.  I had hired 2 teen girls to skate around with the girls and 1 “instructor” to teach the beginners for 30mins but she turned out to be another teen girl who was friends with the other two. I felt bad because I paid the instructor 2x as much for 1/2 the amount of time as the other two but did nothing different. Also, luckily lots of parents hung around to skate and watch so we didn’t lose any kids - yippee!! that was my biggest worry as it was free skating during public skate hours. It was  a My Little Pony party so we had stickers on all the girls backs of various ponies so we could keep an eye on our party - too bad the stickers didn’t stick so well…

I got worried after just 10mins of skating, 1 little girl came off the ice and said she was done skating! Luckily, I had make your own Princess Celestia crown activity and My Little Pony coloring books to keep the non-skaters occupied.  We had some games planned but actually ran out of time to actually play them. And this time, instead of making my own pinata, I bought a pull the string pony pinata which didn’t really work well…



Oh, and the cake… I’m proud to say I did not bake it myself! I tend to just overdo it and finally allowed Stop n Shop to handle this for me and it turned out great! I did decorate it myself as my little pony princess didn’t like the stock decorations but the cake tasted great!


Overall, the party turned out great! I got a lot of happy little girls who wanted to keep on skating, even the beginners… The parents even enjoyed it. I was totally stressed out the whole time but it all came through well…

But, that wasn’t the end of the parties.  The skating party was girls only so a lot of people were left off the list - boys, younger kids who can’t skate, etc… so we had a small house party the next night at dinner for my brother and a couple friends.  I wanted to keep this simple but of course nothing I do is simple. But, luckily we were able to reuse a lot of the previous day’s games and decorations. So, the kids played in the playroom, we played limbo, pin the cutie mark on the pony, freeze dance - you know, classic party games. then we did make your own pizza, ate, killed the pink pony pinata and was only 1 hr behinds schedule.  All in all, a fun time for the kids and for us adults.






Damn, I’m glad birthdays are only once a year… oh, but it’s not over yet. Jan 27th is our Mommy and Me day in the city. I’m taking Samantha to see Annie on Broadway - can’t wait! more on that later…

Now, time to start working on Noah’s Transformers Birthday Party…