I would tell you the name of this place but I have no clue… it’s only written in Chinese.  James and I have decided that we will eat at every restaurant around our apt complex so we’re beginning w/this one and going to just go down the line.  And I’m going to review each one.

I give this 2 out of 5 cookies (Sam is always on my mind).  We went on a Friday night and it wasn’t busy at all.  We were shown to our own little room where we sat on the floor but there was a dug out under the table so our legs were very comfortable.  They had English menus but the waitresses really couldn’t speak English.  Ours seemed to only speak Japanese.

The food was ok - we ordered a variety of items.  The potato salad was not my cup of tea. I’m not much of a mayo fan but James didn’t seem to enjoy it either.  We had a plan tuna roll - nothing spectacular.  The grilled cuttlefish was a bit rubbery.  I didn’t even know what cuttle fish was when I ordered it so I had no clue whether it was good or not, but I assume rubbery is usually never good.  We had this amazing steamed egg custard with crab meat.  That was delicious.  Fried chicken pieces were good.  What else?  Not really that memorable.  Hopefully, the Japanese restaurant right next door to it is much better.