Halloween in Australia is still a relatively new holiday, not embraced by all but kids and families are starting to incorporate it into their holiday schedules, however, it is nothing compared to Halloween back in the US.  It’s even worse than some of the Halloween celebrations you may find in various other countries due to big Expat communities. I remember in Shanghai, going to a friend’s Expat community for amazing trick-or-treating.  But here in Oz, it’s really hit or miss.  On Halloween, we drove around our small area in Lane Cove and didn’t see one trick-or-treater or any houses decorated.  We drove about 15mins over to Lindfield to a street a friend said was really good last year. Unfortunately, our timing was off and for the 30mins we attempted to go trick-or-treating, it rained so hard, we were drenched, even with our umbrellas.  The kids were troopers and didn’t seem to mind the rain but I did.  But, we were going to have Halloween on way or another.  We made it to about 6 or 7 houses before calling it quits. It was already 6:30 and figured we should just head home. Since Sam and Noah are only 2 and 4, they didn’t really care so much. They got some candy and this way, there’s less for us to hide.  We also had 2 birthday parties this weekend so plenty of lollies for everyone.  We did get to go to a Halloween carnival set up by the Lane Cove West Public School which was quite fun on Saturday.  Kids came dressed up, they had a jack-o-lantern display, some ghoulish games, a bunch of carnival rides, etc.  We got there around 6pm and stayed until about 8pm. We did miss the 9pm fireworks but the kids were exhausted and cranky by the time we left so they didn’t care about fireworks.  It was nice being able to do some Halloweenish type things though I do miss the big parties and coming home with huge bags of candy… no worries - many more Halloweens to come.  Sam has already decided she wants to be a cheerleader next year, like Quinn on Glee…

But for now, here are pics from our Toy Story Halloween.



Halloween Festival at Lane Cove West Public School:


Trick or Treating - in the rain


Playing at home: