So, friends have asked about our new digs in Shanghai, and I really can’t complain. We have twice as much space than we did in NYC and a lot more help keeping it clean. Here, we get maid service 3x per week and we’ll be hiring an AYI soon who will help w/everyday chores and with Samantha. James keeps saying I’m going to get spoiled by all this, but whose socks did I see laying around in the living room… hmmmm. I think we will all get a bit spoiled by it. Life back in the states won’t be this cozy, well, maybe it could be - we’ll see.

But in any case, let me describe our pad. We live in a complex called Top of City. It’s a huge complex made up fo 10+ buildings. The numbering really doesn’t make sense so I can’t really tell how many there are. We are in building 22 but I know there aren’t that many. We live on the 19th Floor of building 22 which is on the west side of the compound. And when I say compound, I mean it. There are 5-6 different entrances with guards there 24/7. There is also a huge lake in the middle. From what I’m told, it is the largest private lake in all of Shanghai. There are bridges, a little beach, lots of greenery and paths to walk through. Unfortunately, there’s a very small playarea and an indoor gym that could be much improved. It’s great if I want to take Sam for a little walk, just to get outside since there are few cars to worry about. I would say none, but cars are allowed to drive up to the buildings which is good and bad. But for the most part, it’s a lot better than walking down the streets unnecessarily.

As I said, we like on Floor 19, but it’s really the 17th floor. There is no 13th, I guess to follow western superstition, but also no 14th floor as 4 sounds like death in Chinese and there fore avoided, however, ironically, there is a 4th floor - go figure.

Our apt is approx 200 sq meters which is roughly 2000 sq feet but it doesn’t necessarily feel that big. It’s open and very comfortable. We have lots of windows - especially in our master bedroom. We have a large semi-circle window where we get views of almost the entire city. We face west so it does get a bit sunny and hot in the afternoons - but we got these amazing black out curtains. You can’t tell it’s not night time…

So, Sam has her own room w/nothing in it yet as we’re still waiting for all her furniture from NY to arrive. So, for now, she sleeps in her little P&T travel cot. Now, that’s been another wonderful baby purchase. So much better than a pack n play. We take it everywhere since it’s so tiny and light.

We also have a guest room so when ALL our friends come to visit, there’s plenty of space.

And, we have our office where I’m writing from right now.

Below are some pics to help you get a better sense of what I’m talking about.

Living RoomMaster BedroomSam’s RoomSam in the KitchenGuest roomViews1Views2 - Four SeasonsViews3